Reiss Innovations, LLC is a multi-million dollar online retailer with over 8500 SKUs in 24 vertical-market specialized e-commerce sales channels. We’re proud to specialize in "products that make your life better!" which we back up with world-class customer service.

Our product line markets are broken into individual e-commerce brands, which include educational toys and games directed toward the homeschool market, healthy lifestyle products, BPA-Free water bottles, personal care, travel, emergency survival kits, products made in the USA, sporting/outdoor goods, home goods, gifts, and homeopathic remedies.

Our founder, Ken Reiss, has been involved in the Internet since its inception in the 80s, building several successful Internet businesses, including a regional ISP, a highly respected software development firm, and a movie rental business.

Reiss Innovations, LLC started in 2005 with just a single website and a handful of products. Since then, we’ve grown incredibly!

In 2009, with vast experience in retail and software, we developed our own custom-built cutting-edge software which properly manages our inventory systems to optimize our Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory turns, project proper trends and ordering patterns, adjust pricing real-time based on market-driven factors, and streamline 360-degree new product research and development. This software is our “secret sauce” which was the foundation for our success.

In 2010, we relocated to a new state of the art 5000 sq ft facility and put in place a warehouse team who daily manage all of our inventory, receive incoming shipments, prepare outgoing orders, and process other order information. All products now arrive at our warehouse first, to be processed and inspected before being assigned to a fulfillment center.
In 2011, we grew over 45% and expanded our business into Canada.

In 2012, we grew an amazing 68% by completely overhauling our internal software and systems as well as bolstering our product research team with additional staff, ensuring that we are reviewing every product opportunity available with our most rigorous and scrutinizing standards.

In 2013 our incredible growth continued as we expanded our executive management team in order to distinguish ourselves from our competition. We have very deliberately positioned ourselves as an online retailer, not just an e-commerce business. This distinction is fueled by our unwavering passion for customer service and delivery of quality products. We streamlined our offerings and increased our internal standards far beyond that of the industry. With nearly 100 years of combined retail experience, our executive management team has achieved an outstanding positive customer feedback rate of 99%!

In 2014, we expanded our Online Retailer model by specializing in becoming the exclusive Amazon sales channel for many manufacturers across the country. We are their trusted partner providing highest customer service and delivering a transparent and honest relationship. We bring value to these companies by ensuring no brand value erosion occurs, complementing their offerings with our own incredibly high compliance standards, adding many additional preparation steps to ensure products arrive in pristine condition at the customers’ doorsteps, and by leveraging our tight relationship with Amazon, allowing a much higher sell-through rating than they would otherwise have seen on their own.

In 2015, we made a major software improvement for model quantities, streamlined vendor ordering, and product lifecycle management and insights, giving us over 10x capacity, to be able to expand to over 50,000 SKUs.

In 2016 we nearly doubled our product offering and expanded into 5 new vertical markets, refined our warehouse operations for optimal performance and quality and established a Business Development team to help educate and serve potential manufacturers who are struggling with the commoditization of the online marketplace and the lack of quality-centric resellers.