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Our long-term, strategic approach to business brings additional value to our customers. With over 8500 SKUs currently, it is not uncommon for our customers to regularly repeat-buy products from us, even across our wide selection of categories. This is because of the trust we have earned with them. Our customers shop confidently from us, knowing that they will get exactly what they ordered, in pristine condition. By investing time up front researching our products and removing those that don’t meet our standards, our customers also benefit greatly.  Every product arrives at our warehouse first to be processed and inspected before being assigned to a fulfillment center.  This is to ensure its quality and properly prepare it for its journey to our customer’s doorstep.

In addition, our approach adds value to our suppliers, also through earning trust. We have become the exclusive online sales channel for many manufacturers across the country. We are their trusted partner providing highest customer service, strictly honoring all MAP rules, and delivering a transparent and honest relationship. We bring value to these companies by ensuring no brand value erosion occurs, complementing their offerings with our own incredibly high compliance standards, and adding numerous additional preparation steps to ensure products arrive in “brand new” condition at the customers home. In addition, as one of the top 250 online sellers (out of 1.25+ million), we are able to leverage our tight relationship with Amazon and other online platforms, allowing a much higher sell-through rate than they would otherwise have seen on their own.

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Our Vision:

We are proud of our strong relationship with Amazon and other online platfoms. Our US operations utilize 129 product fulfillment warehouse centers to store, pick, pack, and ship orders daily to our customers across the country. All products arrive at our warehouse first, to be processed and inspected before being assigned to a fulfillment center.  Amazon was so very impressed with our performance that they approached us to create a special multi-year agreement for us to continue to deliver quality products using our cutting-edge inventory management.

We’ve also become a source for budding entrepreneurs to bring their new products to market online. We have had tremendous success bringing new inventions to consumers in the e-commerce area with many new breakthrough products. We allow the inventor to focus on production and we manage order processing and fulfillment to end-users. While this was not an intentional focus, we’re very delighted to continue bringing new products to the marketplace.